Beijing 2015

So last year I had the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China as a international guest tutor for the flower school of Cohim! The school is inside an are called the 798 Art District. It used to be used as a factory for the army a few generations back. Now its filled with Art, cafes, galleries, schools, foreign companies... I highly recommend visiting if your ever in Beijing. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to visit the great wall, and i only had time to see the outer gates of the forbidden city.. at night. 

I taught a 5 day course for students who want to become designers or own their own shops. I had never taught more than 3 consecutive hours and had never done more than a 2 day workshop... 5 days, 8 hours a day! Quite a challenge. I feel a little more grown up after that week lol.

below are pictures I took throughout my stay, and some taken by the schools photographer. 


講師歴約5年を持つ私座間アキーバですが海外で教えるのは初めてでした!去年の10月北京にあるフラワーデザイン学校cohimに招かれ5日間にわたるワークショップを開催しました!この学校は78 art districtと言う有名なアート地区の中にありまして想像していた中国と全然ちがった!!この地区はもともと軍隊の武器を製造する工場地帯だったらしく一見とてもダークな一面もあるのですが今はカフェやギャラリー、学校や会社、それとなんと言ってもアートだらけなエリアです!北京にいく際は必ずチェック!今回のスケジュールはあまりにもきつきつで万里の長城は見れず!残念!今回もっとも気に入ったのがakiva老師と呼ばれる事です!(どうやら老師は先生と言う意味で逆に先生は夫の意味らしいです)